Arr, matey! Samsung hooks us with a Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8

You can unleash your inner Johnny Depp with this shiny phone

If you thought Samsung couldn't top last year's barrage of limited edition Galaxy S7 phones, it looks like it's just getting started. Hello, Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8.

Keeping it simple

This phone won't be quite as fancy as the Iron Man Galaxy S6 - no custom plates here. Instead, you get a fancy box made to look like a treasure chest and a fancy phone case that looks to be made of leather, with a skull and crossbones on the upper right and a fancy embossed stylised skull imprint on the back.

Of course, as with its past limited edition phones, there will be a custom UI which apparently will be activated by the NFC-enabled smartcase.

Apart from the fancy box and smartcase, other little trinkets will be included, including a (presumably fake) gold ring.

It's confirmed to be on sale in China at the same price as the original Galaxy S8 plus RMB300 (S$60) and there's no word if it will be made available worldwide. We wouldn't be surprised that it would, though. Why China first? It's because the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick had its grand premiere there so of course they would get a limited edition movie tie-in first.

We'll let you know if (when) the phone arrives in our territory and all the details such as pricing and the like.

[Source: Android Authority]