Apps for Earth: Buy iPhone games to help a baby panda or rhino

Your next app splurge is justified

Apple’s serious about going green, as shown through their introduction of Liam, solar panels on yak farms, and store operations.

So it’s no surprise that for Earth Day (22 April), Apple has teamed up with protectors of the planet WWF (World Wildlife Fund and not World Wrestling Federation) for a very good cause - Apps for Earth, a collection of apps that have specially created green content.

Until Elon Musk colonizes Mars, we’re still stuck on Earth so we better make damn sure it’s in a right state to sustain us and future generations. From 15 to 24 April, 100% of all proceeds from participating Apps for Earth apps and their in-app purchases will go to WWF to make the world a better place.

This is a preview of the sort of specially created content you can expect.

Angry Birds 2: A limited-time event that includes three exclusive levels and an all-new power-up. Players will be challenged to stop the dastardly piggies from overfishing.

Hearthstone: A new hero, Kahadgar, who will unlock arcane power and protect against evil.

Procreate: An exclusive set of brushes inspired by the natural world, and handmade by Kyle T. Webster.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Assemble Ewoks in an epic battle to protect the forest moon of Endor; players can also purchase store bundles and participate in a multi-tiered special event where players will need to form their squad of Ewoks to fight against the Empire and push them off the forest moon for good.

VSCO: A new WWF preset that enhances the lights and colors of natural settings, ideal for landscape and wildlife snaps. 

For the full list of Apps on Earth, head on over here.