Apple Watch gets a special red and gold CNY edition

Expect this to be the favoured accessory at Chinese New Year gatherings

One thing about the Apple Watch - there's too many colour and size combinations to choose from. For Chinese New Year, add one more to the mix.

The Apple Watch, which was also just launched in Malaysia, adds a special edition of the watch with a gold watch case and red wristbands.

Only available until 22 February, the red Apple watch will also be made available in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Pre-orders start today, with the watches shipping by 15 January.

It's a genius idea to ship the red watchbands out now, and you wonder why the other smartwatch makers in Chinese-speaking territories didn't think of it first.

As for pricing, it starts from $518 for the 38mm model and $598 for the 42mm model.

To order, just surf on over to the Apple Watch store page.