Apple makes its best home-brewed iApps free for all

You get free GarageBand! You get free iMovie! And you get free iWork apps!

Creation, creation, creation is free. Major props if you recognise the song reference.

If paying a price was holding you back from Apple’s homebrewed apps, go on and get downloading because they’re now free.

It used to be that these apps were only free with the purchase of shiny new hardware. So if you hadn’t splurged on a new iThing in years, there’s a chance you haven’t had a taste of the simplified Apple app experience. If you’re looking to create your own short films and tracks, iMovie and GarageBand would be your jam. Just ask Steve Lacy who produces music for the likes of Kendrick Lamar using the latter on his iPhone.

Apple’s answers to Microsoft Office - Pages, Keynote, and Numbers - are also available if you want to deliver your next presentation with a little bit of flair.

Because we’re super helpful, you can download the apps here:

Source: TechCrunch