Apple hopes to make your future iPhones from old iPhones one day

Also a special Apple Watch Earth Day challenge after the jump

Climate change is a very real issue, no matter what Trump might think (or tweet).


Apple’s one of the most environmentally responsible tech companies out there (alongside Google and Facebook) with its aggressive push towards sustainable sources of energy. At last check, they’ve reached 99 per cent recycled/responsibly sourced materials in their product packaging and also working towards counting solely on renewable energy to power their work (100% for data centres and 96% for worldwide facilities if you want specifics). And now it wants to take things further by aiming to “stop mining the earth” for the manufacture of its products.

The only hiccup? The company doesn’t exactly know how just yet. It’s aiming for a combination of recycled material from third party suppliers as well as parts they break old Apple products down into. That’s all made possible by the iPhone-disassembling Liam and the recycling efforts on site that invite you to send your old Apple products back. So you know what to do. 

For Apple’s other environmental initiatives, take a look at their series of fairly different ads that talk about making their own sweat and how the upcoming Apple Park is a breathing building.

Source: Vice

Tick tock, earth o'clock

To commemorate Earth Day, Apple is issuing this special Apple Watch challenge. You should have received a notification on your Apple Watch about it, and if you haven't, you can also find it within the Acitivity app on your iPhone as an unearned achievement. All you have to do is get out there and complete a workout of at least 30 minutes. Do so and you will receive a special medal and also a sticker within your Messages app. 

So if you're looking to wind down the week and work off your extra indulgent Sunday dinner, strap your Apple Watch and go enjoy special time with Mother Earth.