Apple could bring augmented reality to your driving experience

Move over Pokémon Go, this is the AR app we've been waiting for

Now that ARKit is part of iOS, we've been waiting to see what Apple will bring to the table.

Hidden in Apple Maps

iOS developer Felix Lapalme looked through Apple's code to find some clues and conveniently the Maps app has proved forthcoming.

What Lapalme found was a 3D arrow marked "GuidanceArrowV4", and looks a lot like the arrow used in navigation apps.

Also found was signs that Maps will also be using the iPhone's camera, hinting at an AR application of the navigation app.

Apple has said that it would be looking to add detailed maps of airports and malls with iOS 11, so that would be a possible way of using Maps with a camera. iOS 11 sure looks to be exciting as an update, let's hope Apple delivers a new experience once both the new iOS and iPhone are out.

{Source: Techcrunch]