Apple adds 'Find Your AirPods' feature to its latest iOS developer beta

The iOS feature all you AirPod users have been waiting for

Just a day after releasing updates to all its major devices, Apple has released three developer beta builds for iOS, MacOS and tvOS.

Find my iPhone gets better

The most interesting feature of the iOS 10.3 developer beta is that Find My iPhone has been tweaked to be able to now locate your AirPods.

How does it work? The closest device connected via Bluetooth and logged into iCloud will pinpoint the AirPods so long as they're within Bluetooth range.

The software can also ping the AirPods so they will play a sound, making them easier to find. Should the AirPods be out of battery, the software can still help pinpoint the last known location of the AirPods.

Other little tweaks with the iOS beta include the iMessage app icon displaying iMessage apps, CarPlay now adding shortcuts to launch the last two used apps as well as the Mail conversation view tweaked. 3D touch also now works on the weather icon to help get forecasts on chances of rain, daily high and low temperatures as well as hourly forecasts.

As for the Mac OS beta, there's now a Night Shift preference to automatically shift your display to a warmer tone and for the tvOS beta, it's mostly on the enterprise, education and hotel side. Admins will now be able to remotely setup, configure and maintain Apple TVs - useful in setups of more than one of the boxes.

Developers will get the betas from January 24 onwards, in stages. The new software tweaks will eventually also come to public betas so if you're keen, you can signup on Apple's website.

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