As always, the internet-with-no-chill is divided over Instagram’s makeover

Instagram’s overnight facelift is why you cannot locate the app on your phone

Just in case you couldn’t locate Instagram on your phone, it’s because you have automatic updates enabled and the photo-sharing platform underwent a transformation overnight.

Besides the formerly skeuomorphic icon looking a lot flatter, it’s also as if a unicorn spat up a rainbow all over it. And if you look at its family of apps (Hyperlapse, Layout, and Boomerang), they’ve also been painted in the same bright riot of colours in case you don’t recognise that they’re related.

What’s on the inside is probably the best part of its transformation. In Instagram’s words, they’ve “stripped the colour and noise” to make room for a monochromatic theme for the in-app experience, fading the platform into the background so your pointless food photos and random screenshots can be the focus.

You can read more about the motivation behind Instagram’s makeover here. Or scroll through the internet’s fragmented (but always funny over) reactions below