Ads are going to find new ways to you, especially through tech

Art, copy, and code together are leading technology-driven creativity
Ads are going to find new ways to you, especially through tech

You know an ad when you see one – it’s splayed up on billboards, you see them on TV and even your trains and buses have ads on and inside them. So it doesn’t take a genius to guess that ad agencies are doing all they can to get their message across to you.

And the technology sphere is one that ad agencies have particularly targeted to get to you. That was the message ad agency, Proximity, was trying to put across. Three of its employees were speaking at the Spikes Asia TechTalk session in Suntec Singapore.

But if you believe you’re one of those that can block yourselves off subliminal messaging from ads and claim you haven’t seen it incorporated in tech, we’re sorry to burst your bubble; these examples might come as a shocker to you.

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As creative as creative gets

Ads are going to find new ways to you, especially through tech

The most popular one, which received much focus thanks to social media, is the “World Under Water” campaign, which encouraged people to reduce their carbon footprint by letting you see what it would look like if sea levels have risen in any location in the world on Google Street View (the images turn out “flooded”).

And it’s not going to stop there; these are just the early stages of such creatives – imagine if you see this campaign on an Oculus Rift.

Then there was the KFC “Phone Stack” campaign in Malaysia that encouraged people to stop using their mobiles and spend more time with the people around them. You have to download a QR code based app and then pile up your and your friends’ smartphones (think along the lines of a Jenga stack, but only with smartphones). The longer you resist touching the stack, the bigger your KFC reward will be.   

Clearly, such creatives are going to change the face of advertising and the way you receive ads, and also integrate with the way you communicate with others, especially with the use of tech. 

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