5 tech tools we want from Startup Asia right now

Unfortunately, everyone needs to wait for a bit, these wearable tech are still in their prototype stage
5 tech tools that you’ll want

The future is near. Tech is going to be stuffed into our everyday lives, into every single thing we do and own. We repeat, every single thing.

So we walked around the exhibits at Startup Asia 2014 and bring you the top five technologies designed in Singapore that we think you’ll love (and use) in future.

Sadly, most of these inventions are still in their prototype phase, but it’s only a matter of time before we find them in our hands.


Never lose your kids

What is it: Hansel and Gretel wouldn't be lost if their parents had Kidsbuddy. The device comprises of two units – a light, wearable badge (for the child) and a wearable dongle for the parent. Sensors go off when the pair are more than 10 metres apart and a smartphone app can be used to identify the exact location of the child – even within a mall.

Get it because: you'll never want to lose your kid, and end up chasing him/her on the street.


One for the athlete in you

What is itIf you’re a fan of tough workouts but don’t have enough dosh to hire a personal trainer, the PeakTrainer is for you. It combines wearable technology (on the chest, ankle and wrist) together with an analytics platform to provide real-time feedback on performance. It even tells you when you are overworked and need a break.

You'll want it because: you want those abs of steel, but fear the wrath of a real-life personal trainer.


 Sleep smarts

What is itWho doesn’t want a good night’s sleep? Soon, it’s possible to get that with the SleepPro. It's a smart pillow that monitors sleep quality, triggers emergency alerts (if the user is suffering from a heart attack), and monitors respiratory rates. It’s made for individual comfort too – you can adjust its height and contours to suit your preference.

You'll want it because: well, maybe not for yourself, but to give your partners uninterrupted slumber (and perhaps, cure their snoring).

pHace Mask

A mask that listens to your skin

What is it: Your skin can be oily, dry, or a combination of both. No one knows until they visit a dermatologist for a closer look. Now there’s a mask you can get regardless of your face condition and it’ll customise the nutrients your face needs. It’s called the pHace Mask. It also hydrates, heals and energises your facial skin (this is going to be a hit with the women). 

You'll want it because: no one will ever call you crater face again, and you'll have the last laugh.


Be wary

What is it: Similar to the Guardian Angel wearable bracelet/pendant, the WaryBee is a wearable accessory that discreetly triggers an alarm to your loved ones and requests for assistance. It beats the hassle of having to whip out your phone and make a call when you face a tough situation. I mean, let's be real here. Who can even shout out for assistance that fast?

You'll want it because: Singapore's safe, but you'll never know when that stalker's waiting to steal your Xbox One.