4 imaginative uses for Philips hue smart LED lights

The smart lights are finally in Singapore, and we busted our brains to come up with a few ways to make the hue work really hard for you
4 practical uses for Philips hue smart LED lights

Controlling a light with a smartphone. We know that sounds a bit dull. But with a little imagination and Philips’ hue smart LED lights, you can do a lot more.

You don’t have to switch on or off your lights. Ever.

You don’t have to switch on or off your lights. Ever.

The hue is intelligent. So much, that it will activate when your smartphone (and the accompanying hue app) is near the light. The reverse is true - leave the vicinity of the hue lights, and the dimmers will go to sleep automatically.

For this to happen, the hue app needs to be downloaded onto your mobile device. Almost any mobile device works with the hue lights, as long as it’s running on iOS or Android. And it works almost everywhere as long as the mobile device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the smart light system. Yes, that means the restroom too.

Really? Playing with the lights when you’re on a bombing run?

Be honest - who hasn’t brought their iPad into the throne room while they go about their business? Since you have your mobile device in there, and if there’s a hue light in the restroom, do everyone a favour. Put up a red light, and warn your housemates to stay the hell away from the bombing run. A little good karma goes a long way.

Honey, I’m home

Philips hue 03

Married folks, you’ll love the hue’s proximity feature. With the app, you can program the lights to set the mood when the other half is home. A little romantic lights never hurt to ease the weary day. Alternatively, pick up on the right vibes and stay clear if the missus comes home and decides to put up a harsh, red light.

If wife posts a rage face on Instagram, then run

Philips hue IFTTT

Now, if only hue started blinking whenever your wife posted something on Instagram, you might have an inkling of what irked her.

Actually, hue can, with the help of IFTTT.

In fact, it can do more than that with IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That. So if the wife is ranting at something and posts a photo or video on Instagram, you can tell IFTTT to change the hue’s colours to warn you of the impending doom. You can create more instances for IFTTT to work with hue. If the boss sends you an e-mail, IFTTT can prompt hue to start blinking.

And if the forecasted weather is rain or night has descended, you can program IFTTT to activate the appropriate hue lights.

Ok, so where do I get one?

Philips hue starter pack

Philips hue is now available exclusively at the Apple Store. The introduction pack includes the hue bridge which is essential to wirelessly connect the hue lights and three hue light bulbs of 600 lumen for S$319. Additional hue light bulbs are priced at S$89, and a hue bridge can support up to 50 hue bulbs.

The hue lighting system will also be available at Apple Premium Resellers and Philips branded stores from 11th December.