3 unique BeLive channels that might change your mind about live-streaming

The homegrown live-streaming app shows that Singaporeans have some pretty interesting talents

Live-streaming is more than just over sharing in real-time to cash out on strangers’ generosity via virtual gifts.

There are channels that can benefit the viewer, if you know where to look on the Singaporean live-streaming app, BeLive. Since it started in February, the service has grown to host more than 1000 unique streamers. 

While there is certainly something Black Mirror-ish about opening up virtual windows and peeking into people’s lives, some channels bring more than just voyeuristic value.

BeLive is also arguably an er...purer platform than the notorious Bigo Live. Upon signing up, a pop-up window states that BeLive will permanently ban makers and purveyors of questionable content of the sexual and illegal nature. So if you’ve always been interested in giving live-streaming a go but are worried about what lurks in Bigo Live’s sometimes murky waters, BeLive is a solid option whether you're a viewer or the live-streamer. Here are three channels that are slightly different - in a good way.


Want to pick up some fancy sleight of hand magic tricks to impress your friends between drinks at the bar? You don’t have to look for old episodes of Breaking the Magician’s Code. The Illusionist shows off simple magic trickst on his channel. The magic of live streaming lies in the interaction so feel free to ask him directly during the stream. 


Watching people chow down large amounts of food isn’t new in South Korea, but what we have in Singapore are competitive eaters. Which makes sense since we’re kiasu and we love food. One of these guys is famous for wolfing down 92 chicken wings in an incredible span of just 8 minutes. You can follow their food challenges here and try not to get second-degree indigestion.