On 28 November, you can get the amazingly affordable consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR

The caveat? It only works with Samsung's latest smartphones

Some say virtual reality doesn’t come cheap. We wholeheartedly disagree. And so does Samsung when its consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR hits stores on 28 November.

Priced at S$148, the Gear VR is now officially one of the most affordable VR headsets in town. Compare this to the earlier Gear VR Innovator Edition that was selling for S$298 and you can see why we’re on board with the new consumer version.

Other than the cheaper price tag, Samsung nipped and tucked a few improvements in the consumer version. For one, it’s 19 per cent lighter than the innovator edition and includes a foam cushion to make the wearing experience more comfortable.

New to the Gear VR consumer version is a cross-shaped touchpad, making it easier to locate and interact with the VR experience on the headset. Speaking of which, new VR content such as a 360-degree performance from Cirque du Soleil, watching Jurassic World in close proximity of a living dinosaur with awe, or solving a case with Sherlock Holmes are included with this new update.

Remember, the Gear VR isn’t a standalone device, it’ll need a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy S6 to unlock the VR experience. It’s not a problem if you’ve already bought one of these smartphones. Else, the true cost of enjoying a VR experience at home could cost upwards of S$1000.

However, for its launch, the Gear VR will come with a few special deals. If you purchase any of the abovementioned phones from 28 to 29 November at Sitex 2015, the Gear VR is discounted to S$98. Or, if you were to purchase just the Gear VR alone at its S$148 price, you get to purchase the Samsung Gear Circle headset at S$98 (usual price S$168).