The 20th anniversary Digimon exists for you to relive your childhood dreams

Get ready to feel like a kid again, the revival is real

The mysterious ticker on Bandai’s site predictably counted down to a 2017 version of the Digimon.

The 20th anniversary edition looks the same as your older devices to intentionally tug at your heartstrings, in a bid for you to buy back lost youth. Available in the very unimaginatively named Original Brown and Original Grey flavours, they’re as boxy as the very first ones you used back in 1997.

There’s still reason to buy them though. Not only do they include your favourites like the Metal Tyranomon and the Andromon from the first five versions, they also feature the most recent 10th and 15th anniversary Digimon.

More powerful versions of Digimon can be evolved quicker with hatching speeds drastically increased. What used to take a day has been reduced to a mere 10 minutes and two Digimon can also be raised simultaneously to help you get to the point of the game quicker - talk about instant gratification.

When they've matured into fighting fit adult Digimon, you can choose to use both to battle or team up with your friends' for some friendly competition. Don't know anyone in the same age group with similar interests? There's also a single player mode that will have you claim victory over as many Digimon as possible to set your personal best. It's backwards compatible with previous Digimon devices so you can try and convince a friend to play with you. 

The 20th anniversary device will be available in Japan come July for JPY3500 (S$44). 

Availability in Singapore

While it's only been launched in Japan, Premium Bandai Singapore is carrying pre-orders till 27 March at the moment. You can get one for S$50 and it's expected to reach you in July. You will just have to note that aside from the Digimon Web service which is only available in Japan, all other features will work in Singapore.