Liquid Image Summit HD 720p review

Liquid Image has managed to cram a 720p HD video camera into a set of goggles. Made for snow sports, it’s the least faffy headcam out there because there are no tricky mounts to contend with, and because it’s centred on your vision: what you see is what it shoots. You’ll never miss that beautiful sunset/snowman/ streaker again with this camera, as the lens is always attached. In a nice touch, the goggles’ lenses are interchangeable, too. There’s only one setting each for the 5MP stills and video, so you can concentrate on getting down the mountain in one gnarly piece.

Video quality

Video quality is far better than we expected, though not as crisp as some other headcams we've used, with a narrower 136-degree field of view. Handily, you always know when you’re recording, because an indicator light comes on inside the goggles, and that ease of use continues with the goggles’ big power, mode and capture buttons. Though they’re a little narrow on big faces and bulkier than normal goggles, their hinged frame means they should work with most helmets.

Stuff says... 

Liquid Image Summit HD 720p review

This hassle-free headcam is the easy way to capture the action