Once upon a time, we were balking at the sheer cost of an OLED TV, let alone a curved one. LG heard our cry of outrage and sent this our way.

That curve

Now, let’s talk about the curve. This is a curved TV. Why? There is no definitive reason, and only some murmurs about eye ergonomics. Does it work? We’re still divided on the matter. Some of us find it natural and immersive, giving more depth to the picture, like a very mild form of 3D without wearing special glasses.

Others might see it as a distracting gimmick. The curve is not particularly pronounced, and the effect is not prominent. Viewing from the side feels a little odd, as the picture doesn’t taper away uniformly like you’d expect from a flat screen. But, despite the slight curve, you can mount the TV on the wall if you wish.

The best position for optimal view is dead centre, but that doesn’t mean an exclusive ‘sweet spot’. Feel free to move about on the sofa. It was only when we got past about 35-degrees from centre that the picture started to look warped.

LG Curved OLED TV 55EC930T verdict

The LG 55EC930V can’t do 4K. And while it would be tempting to knock it for this reason, we won’t. Currently, there is very little 4K content – save for the two TV series on Netflix and the odd video on YouTube.

There’s no telling when more content will come, and we’re not holding our breath. It’s a changing landscape and anything could happen. Meanwhile, this LG’s OLED beauty is real, and it’s offering to do a wonderful job of your content – right now – for a reasonable price.

If you want to make the most of what you’re watching today, it should be taken very seriously indeed.

Additional words: Tein Hee Seow

Choosing between OLED and 4K

It sounds like an impossible choice, but here’s the deal - the lack of 4K content means you’re not missing out on anything. Besides the attractive price and the somewhat gimmicky curved design, the real reason you should set your eyes on this LG TV is its incredibly detailed OLED display. Which, by far, has given our eyes the visual treat they deserve

Stuff says... 

LG Curved OLED TV 55EC930T review

Fact: curved OLED TVs are finally affordable, thanks to LG
Good Stuff 
Deep blacks
Punchy colours
Wonderful clarity
That curve
Bad Stuff 
No 4K
Could sound better
That curve

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