Leica has taken the already stylish D-Lux 5 and clad it with an anodised layer of titanium. It’s a beautiful camera – and the Italian leather case that comes with it ain’t too shabby either. You also get a copy of Adobe Lightroom 3 in the box to help with processing your shots. Those accoutrements and that design go some way towards justifying its terrifying price tag.

Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium – image quality

Thankfully its image quality is excellent too, with low noise and sharp detail in abundance until ISO 800, which is where things start to get grainy. It will go right up to ISO 12800 but pics are so noisy at this setting it’s better avoided.

Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium – controls

The camera is near idiot-proof thanks to software that puts most controls within a button press or two. You can also change focus mode and aspect ratio instantly with the rocker switches on the lens itself. Sliding switches on the top and the left of the lens barrel make it easy to flip image aspect ratios, as well as toggle manual, auto and macro focus modes.

D-Lux 5 Titanium – advanced users

Non-idiots needn’t fret: there’s plenty of scope for delving into menus to tweak further. With so many buttons, it’s a cinch to change a setting. The ‘Q.Menu’ function is particularly useful, grouping a wide range of tweakable options into a simple on-screen menu.

D-Lux 5 Titanium – video

The D-Lux 5 doesn’t capture 1080p footage, but its 720p Creative Movie Mode offers more than most, with aperture, shutter, program and full manual exposure options.

D-Lux 5 Titanium – Leica Panasonic?

In shape, feel and spec the Leica is nearly identical to the (considerably cheaper) Panasonic LX5 – but with a longer warranty, reworked interface, and different firmware. The hotshoe supports external flashes as well as Leica’s electronic viewfinder.

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Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium review

Looks gorgeous and performs great – but the excessive price tag stops it scoring top marks

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