Ion Air Pro Plus review

This bullet cam has a neat trick up its sleeve in the form of the optional Wi-Fi 'Podz', which together with an iOS app allows you to quickly frame shots, review footage and share video on the fly. The bundled ‘Plus’ kit includes extra mounts and attachments and operation is simple – you just flick the slider to record – but technical settings have to be changed on a PC or Mac.

Battery booster

Buy the Wi-Fi 'Podz' as part of the 'Connect' kit and you also get an 1800mAh Battery Booster pod for an extra five hours of juice. Everything about the Ion Air Pro’s use is quick and sure, and while we had some issues with streaming, the Wi-Fi is generally very handy. Video is among the best in this class, with great contrast and clarity – though it can’t match the GoPro for detail.

Stuff says... 

Ion Air Pro Plus review

Innovative and a sharp looker, the Air Pro is a brilliant newcomer