HTC One V review – design and build 

The HTC One V has crashed the budget party in premium fancy dress; its sturdy aluminium build gives it a reassuring feel in the hand, while its 3.7in, 800x480 display offers detailed, vibrant colours. Throw in camera tricks from its big brother the One X and HTC's Sense 4.0 skin and you have a handset as confident as its cocky 'chin' suggests. 

HTC One V review – performance 

Despite 'only' having a 1 GHz single-core Snapdragon S2 chip, the One V doesn't lag far behind its multi-core brethren in terms of performance. Browsing over 3G can trip it up and you'll notice the occasional hiccup in use, but for the money this is still a powerful phone. 

HTC One V review – HTC Sense 

HTC Sense remains our favourite Android skin, with the animated weather widget sitting front and centre of the homescreen and plenty of custom extras on offer. 

HTC One V review – camera and video 

Video looks great on the HTC One V's bright LCD screen and the 5MP camera won't let you down either, even in fairly low light. OK, so its snapping talents aren't quite at superphone-levels (and there's no front-facing cam), but features such as a lockscreen camera shortcut, in-app editing and cropping and the ability to take stills while filming will win over casual photographers. 

HTC One V review – gaming and extras 

Gamers will also love the One V, on account of its responsive touchscreen and the way it tears through less graphically-intensive titles. Other extras include a handy car interface, and a very useful 25GB of Dropbox storage for two years. 


Stuff says... 

HTC One V review

Vibrant and snapper-friendly, the One V is one of the best budget phones around 

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