The world’s first luxury smart mirror will add some IQ points to your bathroom

Bit more sophisticated than “mirror mirror on the wall”
12 April 2017 / 17:33SGT

Ever stared at yourself in the mirror and thought, “Damn, I wish this mirror would tell me things about the world”? Well evidently, you’re not alone. Encased in an elegant anodised brushed aluminium frame, this Internet-connected mirror by FRED Technologies provides the latest news, schedule reminders and social media updates depending on your preferences. It has voice controls and boasts two built-in speakers so you can shower to the tunes of Led Zepp, or browse YouTube as you sit on the throne. The innovative glass is also compatible with third party devices, opening up a whole new world of possibilities from fitness monitoring to preparing your morning cuppa — all as you’re brushing your teeth. You’ll have to cough up S$2700 quick if you want one though, because they’re limited to 500 pieces worldwide. But man, just think of what your house guests will say.

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