We reckon these Focal XS Book speakers are trying to channel some MacBook desirability. That’s no bad thing. Certainly the design fits; they stand tall and look smart.

The Focals’ footprint is certainly within the boundaries of acceptability, but at nearly 30cms tall and 20cms deep they may not fit every desk.

There’s a volume dial on top, plus 3.5mm and stereo audio inputs. And with Focal’s audio heritage, we had high hopes for the sound quality.

It’s an almost unanimous thumbs-up for the design – it’s just a touch too easy to press power as you adjust the volume – but for sound it’s a clean sweep.

This is a desktop music system without compromise, delivering room-filling audio with boisterous dynamics and detail and a spot-on tonal balance, making them just as good whether you’re listening to music, games or movies.

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Focal XS Book review

A new desktop champion, the Focal XS Book speakers will have your PC singing in style

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