Your guide to getting the Xiaomi Mi 4i on 12 May

Follow these tips and you'll have a good chance at snagging one during the online sale

You want the Xiaomi Mi 4i. We know it. But as always, disappointment follows when you can't nab one during the online flash sales.

Xiaomi’s smartphones and accessories follow a first-come, first-serve policy - if you're fast, you'll get it. But most likely, it's always sold out within mere minutes when the online flash sale begins.

So, we decided that since Xiaomi’s having another flash sale, we’ll help you kiasu people out by giving you some tips on how to successfully get the hot commodity from the Chinese company.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

Monitor Xiaomi’s Singapore Facebook page

When Xiaomi promises, it delivers. And Xiaomi doesn’t make any announcements more prominent than through its Facebook page. The first thing you should do when it’s nearing flash sale time is to head over to the website and check for any sort of updates – we highly recommend it. It’ll keep you in time check with posts ahead of its flash sales, and we’re pretty sure there’ll be notifications should Xiaomi encounter any online glitches.

Don't say we never share, there are times when Xiaomi announces a contest to give away F-codes. It's usually announced on Facebook, but then, why wait for that when you can hunt it down?

Hunt for F-codes

There's this magical thing called an F-code. Legend has it that it grants someone the 100% guarantee of getting a Xiaomi device. But you've got to work for it, and work for it you shall.

It's said that the elusive F-code spawns in the realm known as, where the Mi community engages in daily chit chat and general merriment of their love for Mi. Do a quick scan, search for F-code and if there's a contest to secure one, do it. Right now.