You need the Neopine SCM-1 shoulder strap to do more with your GoPro

[Promoted] Because the best shoulder to rely on is your own

If you actually use your GoPro action camera for you know, actual action, you’ll understand how difficult it is to capture everything and do your daring deeds justice. 

After all, you can’t always have your GoPro in your hands, or on your head, but you know what’s always there for you, ready and steady? Your shoulder, which is where the Neopine SCM-1 Single Camouflage Shoulder Strap comes in. 

A matter of perspective

Affixed with a dedicated GoPro shoulder mount so your camera goes everywhere you do in a secure manner, the SCM-1 offers a different perspective to your footage that’s a nice alternative to handheld or head-mounted shots. It’s also a much more stable base, leading to less camera shake. 

While fixing your GoPro to your helmet or headband provides a great point-of-view, it also might break the flow of your video as you look around to navigate or make adjustments. Shouldering the responsibility instead gives you a wider field of view to capture what’s right in front of you, which you won’t get from a head-mounted unit unless you look lower.

Practical makes perfect

It’s not just about getting the right shot – sometimes it just makes more sense to have your GoPro on your shoulder. Like while diving or skiing, for example, because the camera could get entangled in your mask straps while wearing or taking off. Like the dudes in the photos above. Or sometimes you just might want to be comfortable and not have something strapped to your head. Similarly, the SCM-1 is especially useful during activities that require both hands, for obvious reasons. 

Comfort is key

Made of neoprene so it’s both durable and comfortable, the SCM-1 wraps securely around your body with adjustable velcro straps to keep in place at all times, while offering full range of motion and flexibility. What’s more, the water-resistant material won’t stretch out of shape either, so you’ll be able to wear it for prolonged periods without worry, even during vigorous activity. 

It’s available in three unique camouflage colours now from, so give it a try one of these days!