X-Mini INFINITI: Why would you spend S$500 on a Bluetooth speaker?

Turns out, there are some compelling reasons to fork out this amount of cash

When it comes to the price of speakers, not much seems to deter Singaporeans any more.

S$200 for the Creative Sound Blaster Roar? No problemo. S$250 for the UE BOOM? It’s pretty much a school hostel and NSF essential these days.

But what about twice that price?

We’re talking S$569.90 for homegrown darling Xmi's latest X-mini that is actually anything but mini. Weighing in at 4kg, the X-mini INFINITI is not just the biggest X-Mini ever made, but also one of the biggest Bluetooth speakers around. Nope, not exactly “portable” by the usual standards.

But before you dismiss it, know that for a specific bunch of folks, this will give them the audio experience they never knew they wanted. Question is, are you in that group?

A new kind of portability

We begin by addressing the question on everyone’s minds. How exactly is this portable?

We don’t have TARDIS pockets, and just lugging this around is an excuse not to head to the gym because your arms are bound to be worn out. Xmi’s obviously thought this through. Having covered all sorts of portable speakers in all manner of sizes from the CLICK 2 to the SUPA, it's now going for a new kind of portability. 

First, you need to wrap your head around the idea that portability isn't limited to “pocket-ability”. This is portability for big, room-thumping sound. Let’s be real, no matter how expensive little portable speakers get, a UE Boom is never going to blow the roof. The X-mini INFINITI actually can, and now you have the flexibility of moving it around thanks to a defining feature – it’s completely wireless.

We’re talking television soundbar quality that can be shifted around the home, as you please. That’s a kind of portability that’s never been afforded to us before. Take it where the party goes.