Wi-Fi galore: Pick up on free Wi-Fi in these areas in Singapore, save your mobile data

Because mobile data is very precious to us

Let’s face it – the telcos in Singapore aren’t the most generous when it comes to mobile data for the price we’re paying for it (that’s what we think anyway).

And living in a mobile first world, we’re constantly on our smartphones or tablets, consuming data like we do water. So naturally, we tend to consume much more than our allocated amount of mobile data.

Here’s where we come in to save you and your wallets. We know that mobile data is a treasured asset, so we’ve taken the liberty to highlight some of the areas in Singapore where you can tap into free Wi-Fi and go heavy on those videos. And all you actually need to do is sign up for Wireless@SG.

P.S. – some of these suggestions might solve your dead zone hotspot problems too.  

Changi Airport

There’s a reason the Changi Airport has been crowned one of the best airports in the world. So if it doesn’t have some world-class Wi-Fi, something has to be wrong somewhere.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in transit or making use of the airport’s public facilities; you still qualify to use it. Plus, it’s available in all the terminal buildings and departure gates, so total coverage is something you won’t have to worry too much about.  

Some train stations

Many of you highlighted the lack of proper 3G/4G coverage in trains. Not forgetting the fact that they’re packed during peak hours, which means plenty of people are trying to get on the same network at the same time. Obviously, this would result in sluggish connections and dead zones.

But not many of you know that free Wi-Fi is offered at some of the MRT stations. For example, City Hall, Orchard and Raffles Place have free Wi-Fi connections at the stations’ platform level. And things will only get better since it will be available in some other stations in the coming months.