Which taxi-booking app should you use to guarantee a ride?

GrabTaxi, Hailo, Uber, and EasyTaxi are easily better than LTA's Taxi-Taxi@SG app

Choice can be confusing sometimes, but that’s why we’re here to do the fingerwork for you so you don’t have to.

Yes, yes, we know LTA has the Taxi-Taxi@SG app. If, for a moment, you think that's a useful app, we're not sure if you're delusional or being half-cup full.

Plus, the government agency is going to implement new laws for the third party booking apps, so you got to wonder if these third-party taxi booking apps are going to be effective.

The answer? A resounding yes, because face it, if Taxi-Taxi@SG doesn't let you book for a cabl, it won't change the effectiveness of the solution provided by these third-party apps.

In the name of convenience, we ran a test where we sacrificially took cabs during peak hour, both morning and evening, to find out just which app has the best success rate. Here are the results.


The newest kid on the block might have found great success in London, but it’s just finding its footing in Singapore. For what it's worth, it's partnered up with SMRT so you can be assured that it's got more than a few taxis on board with it already. 

User Experience

Hailo’s driver-fetching formula is a little different from the rest. It sends your request to the nearest taxi driver who then decides if he wants to accept or reject your request. If he rejects it, the request is then sent to the next nearest driver. And if he accepts it, for the customer, it means that the driver will arrive in the shortest time possible, given that he’s the nearest one.

Clean and simple, Hailo doesn’t clog up the interface with more bits than necessary. Upon starting it up, you immediately get a time estimate of how far your nearest cab is, your location and a button to hit to pick you up.

Show cabbies the money!

Pay via card or cash which you can choose before hitting the Pick Me Up button. Normal taxi booking fees apply, dependent on the taxi company.

Hailo doesn’t charge any extra credit card payment fees, but should you cancel on your cabbie two minutes after getting one, you’ll be charged S$2. Don't say we didn't warn you. Here's the complete lowdown on its cancellation policy so you don't get blindsided. 

The ace up its sleeve


It faced a fair bit of backlash when old promo codes found their way onto online forums and were used. The taxi app company did honour most of them, but failed to make the announcement about the cancellation of vouchers.

Having used two promo codes with them before and being a little surprised when the balance in one of them wasn’t carried over, we would have probably then used that particular code for a more expensive ride. While this might be common practice and the information is available on the Hailo blog, it’d be a little more transparent for Hailo to state the fine print right off the bat to help customers make better decisions.

To be fair, the company has been very prompt and sincere in its responses on Facebook, so it could be some teething issues given its early stages.


In the Account side bar, you can choose to Auto Tip a certain percentage, view your Trip History and under Options, there’s a very thoughtful option to select if you need a Wheelchair Accessible cab. Well played, Hailo.

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