Which fibre broadband plan in Singapore gives you the best deal?


These 24-months contract plans provided by M1 and MyRepublic place a greater emphasis on gaming. Not only can users expect better streaming and faster downloads, but they can look forward to less lag when gaming, even with multiple simultaneous users.

Again, M1 offers the cheaper deal, although these gaming plans come with unique bundles that make them more predicated on what you are looking for.

M1 actually has two gamer deals you can choose from--a regular one at S$49/mth, and a Razer Gaming Bundle at S$55/mth. If you’re in the market for a fancy new gamer keyboard and mouse, then the Razer Gaming Bundle is the way to go. Otherwise, the regular bundle will suit you just fine.

MyRepublic’s S$59.99/mth plan does offer a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle though, so if you haven’t gotten one yet (or just want another), their gamer plan is a pretty good deal.


M1, Singtel and ViewQwest also have 24-months contract plans providing fibre broadband at greater than 1Gbps. These plans will allow even faster simultaneous downloads and uploads of large data files, as well as multiple 4K UHD video streaming, although it’s quite rare that users will be conducting such intensive network activity.

M1 has the best deals for 2Gbps and 10Gbps plans. While they do offer an in-between at 5Gbps, you may as well go all-in for 10Gbps at that point.


For those who do not want to locked into a contract, these plans from MyRepublic and ViewQwest are for you, and you’re free to give them a test and get a feel of what they’re like and which is better.