What you should know about PEV rules in Singapore

Wear basic safety gear

We know a helmet while you’re riding your PEV at relatively low speed makes you look like you’re the kind of person for which life has decreed the helmet a necessity for your very survival in even the simplest tasks. But imagine how much lamer you’d be if you picked up a serious head injury from riding your PEV at relatively low speed, and you were too vain to wear a helmet. Really lame - possibly even literally.

LTA guidelines also recommend that you have front and rear facing lights on your PEV in order to be visible to other path users.

Respect other path users

If you are riding an e-scooter, pedestrians have the right of way. In fact, if you are anything else than a pedestrian, you do not have the right of way. As pedestrians and their perambulating ways have been around longer than the wheel, you should go out of your way to let them pass, or pass them safely.

A good time to be had by all can only be built on mutual respect. Should enough PEV-related events happen, you can bet that stricter PEV laws could be enforced. So let’s all work hard to keep our favorite new mode of transport legal, and keep its reputation spick and span.