What you should know about PEV rules in Singapore

Be predictable

You know what other road/path users hate? Surprises. Cars hate to be surprised by an e-scooter deciding to sidle up to their blind spot, while they are checking for oncoming traffic to prepare for a turn. Pedestrians hate to be knocked down by wildly swerving e-scooter users who can’t decide where they want to go and don’t have the decency to slow down. Always give way, and be prepared to dismount on paths with high human traffic.

Being unpredictable might be charming on a date with your crush, but it endangers your well-being, and everyone else’s.

Be paranoid

If you always have the worst case scenario playing in your head, chances are you’ll be able to avoid it. Turning a blind corner? Be paranoid about running into an elderly old lady. Trying to cross a street while the green man is flashing? Be paranoid about a van not actually respecting your right to cross like so

Being paranoid might cost you a few extra seconds on your commute, but what are those extra seconds compared to the rest of your life? It's always better to be safe than sorry.