What you can (and cannot) buy at Xiaomi’s Mi Home in Singapore

Curious about what wares are being peddled at the store? Let us save you a trip

ICYMI, Xiaomi just set up its first store in Singapore last week at Suntec City mall.

You might have seen photos circulating of previously unavailable products at the store. We took a trip down to the store to set the record straight on what can and cannot be purchased. As part of its opening festivities, the store is also running a few promotions that any Mi fan would be silly to not take advantage of. 


All of Xiaomi’s big smartphone releases are available at the store including the Mi 5, newly released Redmi 3s, as well as the Mi Max which is literally a big deal at all of 6in.

You can also get your hands on the new Mi Band 2 with its flashy new screen, same old crazy long battery life, and athletic abilities.

Lifestyle products

If you’re not after a new phone or a wearable, there are a few backpacks (starting from S$25.90 for a casual waterproof bag to S$69.90 for the Minimal City backpack), earphones and even suitcases. They come in two sizes, 20in and 24in and are retailing for S$109.90 and S$139.90 respectively. There's also a 20in aluminium version that will cost you S$499.

There’s also a car charger available and the fetching S$58.90 Mi Bluetooth Speaker that really packs quite a punch for its size. 

Power to the people

If you’ve always been trying to get your hands on one of Xiaomi’s super affordable Power Banks, the store is nicely stocked. The 5000mah is available for S$14.90, the 10000mAh for S$22, and the 20000mAh for S$45.90. There’s also a 10000mAh pro version that comes with USB-C port and promises faster charging for S$46.90.

If you’re looking for more traditional power sources, there are Xiaomi’s rainbow-coloured AA and AAA batteries that come in a 10-pack for S$4.90.