What could the latest Android O stand for?

For starters, we know it’s some sort of dessert…

We hope you’re not hungry, because here is a list of mouth-watering desserts as we throw out possible names for Android’s latest OS.

Google’s always named its operating system after treats, from Donut to Nougat, and will most certainly be following suit for its upcoming release, Android O. While we anticipate the reveal of their big new OS later this month, let’s indulge in some delicious speculation. Just what could the “O” stand for? Hmmm...


It could be Android Oreo, the “O” that everyone probably thinks of first. Android hasn’t shied away from brands, like KitKat or FroYo. So long as it’s catchy, it seems. Should Google partner up with Nabisco, we can probably look forward to commercial tie-ins, from Android “O” being featured on Oreo boxes or perhaps Bugdroid stamped onto Oreos. Tasty green Oreos, anyone?


We added “cookie” because it has a far better aesthetic than plain oatmeal itself – which looks like some sludge and probably not cute enough for Android. Then again on second thought, oatmeal cookies don’t look half as yummy as normal cookies – perhaps a metaphor for Android skins when they’re meddled with by phone manufacturers. If the partnership with Oreo doesn’t go down, Android Oatmeal Cookie could definitely be a title we can expect.