Welcome to Singapore, PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 has finally reached Singapore! Feast your eyes at the launch event and happy campers who got first dibs on Sony’s next-gen console
Welcome to Singapore, PlayStation 4

Can you hear that? The cries of joy from gamers in Singapore, who will finally get their hands on Sony’s next generation console. After seven long years, the long-awaited PlayStation 4 has arrived.

The PlayStation 4 pop-up store, right outside Wisma Atria’s Outdoor Atrium, is where you’ll see the happiest bunch of gamers. Over the next two days, customers who pre-ordered their PlayStation will be collecting their early Christmas presents here.

Some queued as early as 5am in the morning, unlike the horde of iFanatics who queued through the night. We’d like to think gamers are a more rational bunch. Well, as rational as they can be.

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