These wonderfully weird movie food tie-ups will entertain you

Aside from that Mulan Szechuan dipping sauce, these exist

The weird and wonderful world of product placement and food tie-ups has resulted in some hilarious products. From doughnuts to chips and sandwiches: no food is sacred when it comes to sweet, sweet advertising dollars.

Here's our pick of the wacky results of some advertising executive's fevered dreams.

Power Rangers and Krispy Kreme

If there was an award for utter shamelessness, the Krispy Kreme tie-up for the Power Rangers movie wins it by a Zordon and a half.

Of course, there were actual Power Rangers doughunts (US and Canada only, boo) that had a special cream-filled shell, dipped in chocolate icing that was liberally sprinkled in silver glitter (edible, of course). These were all decorated with lightning bolt sugar decorations in pink, red, blue, black and yellow.

What sets this collab apart though is Krispy Kreme is even written heavily into the Power Rangers movie script and even has (spoiler alert), one of the baddies getting up close and personal with a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Krispy Kreme even sent out a press release announcing the opening of a fictional Krispy Kreme in the movie's universe. A+ for total commitment.

Lord of the Rings and Burger King

Burger King was an early believer in the franchise, coming in as an advertiser during the run of the first film Fellowship of the Ring.

The toys from the limited run are now collectibles, which you will probably only find on eBay if you're lucky. Collect all of the 19 figures that came with special Lord of the Rings-themed sets and you could form a gigantic ring - fairly impressive if you discount all the soda and burgers you'd need to eat to have them all.

Sadly the tie-up didn't last long as well, burgers and hobbits just aren't quite a good fit not to mention the impossibility of product placement. No way you could explain fast food in Rivendell.