We speak to Samsung Galaxy Note loyalists who got their phones early

Looks like there are many Galaxy Note users who remain loyal to the phablet in Singapore

Even after the whole Galaxy Note 7 incident, throngs of lucky Galaxy Note loyalists stood outside the Samsung Galaxy Studio in VivoCity to be the first few to own the new Galaxy Note 8 a day earlier than the pre-order collection date.

These were truly loyalists to Samsung phablet. The company tells us they scoured through their database to find these owners who willingly pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8, and used to own any of the previous models before, inviting them to this special event.

We were on hand to speak to a few of these eager new owners. Here’s what these loyalists had to say about their Galaxy Note experience and what (and why) they are going for the Galaxy Note 8.

Whye Mun

The first person to enter the Galaxy Studio tells us that she has owned every previous Galaxy Note, even sadly returning the Galaxy Note 7 when the call was made.

“I really like the S Pen, and I believe the technology in the Galaxy Note series is getting better. I still use my Galaxy Note 2 as a spare phone to play games, as I have an additional line.”

Samy Ramesh

Samy was one of the unfortunate owners who jumped onto the Galaxy Note bandwagon on its seventh iteration, but still decided to choose a Maple Gold Galaxy Note 8 when pre-orders were announced.

“I find the S Pen makes it really fast to take down notes, especially during meetings. It’s much more convenient.”

Ivan Chua

For some, the love for the Samsung means sticking with the brand even after its mishap.

“I think Samsung is creative and innovative, whats more it’s smartphones are very user-friendly. Unlike other brands, I believe Samsung meets users needs and changing trends.”

“I use the S Pen very often, because I write notes constantly in both Chinese and English - I work with multiple languages too as part of my job, so the new translate function will work wonders.”

Ms Tan

Some people are able to push their phone to the limits - Tan was able to use her Galaxy Note 3 for close to four years before finally deciding to upgrade. But she could have decided on any phone, so why the Samsung phablet?

“I’m most looking forward to the dual-lens camera, but the reason I chose the Galaxy Note 8 is for S Pen, especially because I use it to write notes for the pictures I shoot.”