Watch out, comedian Jeff Dunham throws his voice in Singapore

The puppet master is a laughter specialist on stage, but he is more than just about the giggles
Jeff Dunham is throwing his voice in Malaysia

Be prepared to be tickled pink as world renowned ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is finally making his stop here in Singapore on 21 May.

Born in 1962, Dunham started his ventriloquism act when he was a teenager. Since then he has made stride in his career, with multiple Comedy Central specials such as Arguing with Myself in 2003, Spark of Insanity in 2007 and his most recent special, Minding the Monsters in 2012.

With his ‘team’ that consists of Walter, Bubba J, Achmed, Jose the Jalapeno on a stick and everybody’s favourite purple creature Peanut, he has made millions of people around the world laugh with his stand-up routine and also his interactions with his puppets.

Stuff managed to catch him between his busy schedule to ask him a few questions on his work, his favourite computer and how he copes with all the characters in his show.

Questions question questions

Jeff Dunham is throwing his voice in Malaysia
Jeff Dunham is throwing his voice in Malaysia

How much time do you spend to create each and every puppet used in the show - from Walter all the way to that one sock puppet of Peanut in Controlled Chaos? I do everything from sculpting the head first in clay, then making a silicone mould, casting the head in fiberglass, installing the mechanics, painting the head, wigging it, building the body, to clothing it. It’s hard to say how much time I spent on each puppet as they are all unique.

How active are you on social media and the internet? Pretty active, you can find me posting on Facebook and Twitter. My website jeffdunham.com keeps folks up to date as well.

Is it hard to have the characters' mindset running around in your head at the same time in a skit - especially ones with multiple characters together in a scene? No, each character is a part of me and at the same time I can be surprised and laugh and have a great time right along with audience.

Macbook or Ultrabook and why?Macbook, it's the creative person’s computer.

What's next from Jeff Dunham? I hope in the near future that we can do a couple of films and bring the characters to life on the big screen, plus continue to expand our presence worldwide.  At this point we're just having fun filling the dance card.