Wake up to a great Stuff Singapore October issue!

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There’s iPhone fever in the air. We bet some of you will be rushing down to get that brand new Apple smartphone.

You do know there are more things that’ll fulfill your gadget life, right? No? Then it’s time to pick up our October issue and catch up on all that you’ve missed while you were fixated with the iPhones.

Uniquely Sing-App-ore

Wake up to a great Stuff Singapore October issue!

After weeks of intense debate, cold wars, and passive aggressiveness, our editorial team finally ranked the top 50 Essential Apps for Living in Singapore. Now all you have to do is download them, and you’ll be on your way to a happier, easier life on our sunny island. You’ll have used some of them already, but we’re pretty sure you’ll learn of some new ones.

Since everybody’s tastes are different, feel free to let us know what you think on our social media channels at Facebook and Twitter, whether it’s apps you feel we’ve missed out or ones you think should rank higher.

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Project Ara - smartphone DIY

Wake up to a great Stuff Singapore October issue!

Imagine a smartphone that consolidates hardware components into changeable modules, allowing you to upgrade, replace, or customise your phone to your heart’s content. That’s the genius of Google’s Project Ara.

You get to choose everything, from the screen, to the camera, right down to the amount of RAM onboard. And that’s it, you’ll have a phone that’s unquestionably yours. Repairs will be so much easier too - just swap out the part that you’re not happy with and you’ll be on your way.

Now that sounds like a phone you could own for the rest of your life.

Hot Shots: Portrait Photography

Wake up to a great Stuff Singapore October issue!

[Image credit: Wesley Loh]

The latest in Canon’s series of Projects to improve your photographic skills revisits portrait photography. Only this time, it’s with famed portrait artist Wesley Loh, who’s shot everyone from celebrities to CEOs. He even offers tips on how to take better selfies - selfies are a form of portraiture, after all - so we’re sure you’ll find his insights useful.