Uniquely Sing-app-orean: Popcorn: SG Movies Showtime app review

If there’s a perfect app for avid moviegoers (which basically means all Singaporeans), this is it
Uniquely Sing-app-orean: Popcorn: SG Movies Showtime app review

Admittedly, we haven’t been to the cinemas for quite a while (thanks a lot, Netflix). But on the rare occasion when we need to know the showtimes and locations for movies, one app comes to mind - Popcorn: SG Movies Showtime.

We don’t have to explain the app’s obvious reference to the ubiquitous movie snack. But what needs some explaining is why Popcorn is such a great app for moviegoers. And we know how much that means to Singaporeans sourcing for some form of entertainment over the weekend. Well, you’ve got Stuff Weekend and Stuff Experience for that, but we digress.

Popcorn’s user interface is dead simple, with three main filters to choose from - day, movie and cinema. Advanced booking, however, only extends to two days ahead. A benefit, if you ask us, because Popcorn works best if you’re hunting for a movie to watch during the spur of the moment.

More importantly, it helps to narrow down where the movies are being shown. This is a much needed solution to an existing problem - visiting multiple movie theatre websites just to figure out if the movie is still showing at a particular location.

Honey, which movie should we watch?

Uniquely Sing-app-orean: Popcorn: SG Movies Showtime app review

Then, there are the moments when you get into a heated debate over your weekend movie choice. Trust us, it could go south if you can’t reach a consensus. Calling Popcorn a saver of relationships might be an exaggeration, but at the very least, its movie listing, synopsis and links to the movie’s trailers on YouTube make it easier to decide.

Similarly, you can track the showtimes and locations of movie screenings. Quite similar to how its search filter works, but in this case, if you’ve already decided (or ‘decided’) on the movie, just tap on the Browse section, select the movie and choose the cinema nearest to your location.

Yes, it’s that good, but wait till we tell you what it can really do...