Uniquely Sing-app-orean: I-S Now app review

Think there’s nothing to do over the weekend? This app will bust that myth and change your life
Uniquely Sing-app-orean: I-S Now app review

We’ve all had that moment on a Friday, planning the weekend and finding ourselves stumped with nothing exciting locked in our calendar.

We’ve done all we can, showing you a life beyond your boring weekends through Stuff Experience and Stuff Weekend. But it’s an absolute bummer when we can’t cover every big event in Singapore. So here, we are going to let you in on a secret - there’s an app that lists (almost) every big event that’s happening in Singapore.

All together now, say thank you to the folks who made I-S Now.

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Spoilt for choice

I-S sounds wonderful, and it is. Until you realise it really spoils you with choice. Way too many choices. It opens up more options, and also debate, over where the party should head to. Of course, there’s a way to quell the discussion - reading news from I-S Online. This is where you’ll get recommendations from the I-S team who’ll help you figure out which bars should be on the hopping list for World Sake Day.

An adventure waiting to happen

Uniquely Sing-app-orean: I-S Now app review

Then again, if you’re the adventurous sort, you’ll be looking at new places to go. Oh, what a coincidence, there is such a listing in the app. This is where you’ll be taking a (sort of) stab in the dark, relying on the short synopsis of new places that haven’t

The app is also an opportunity for you to share these amazing finds on your social network. It’s just a simple tap, and voila, you can do your mini-review of the cow meat you’ve just gobbled at the newly-opened steakhouse. Not to mention, you get a chance to rate the places.

Lest you can't remember when that play is on, you can tap a calendar icon within the app, and it’ll save the event in your phone’s calendar. Nifty, but it has a tendency to crash your phone, so just manually input the details into the calendar.