Uniquely Sing-app-ore: Uber app review

Live the high-life with an app that dispenses you your own private driver
Uniquely Sing-app-ore: Uber app review

“Tap a button, get picked up in minutes”, that’s what Uber goes by. Uber cool and uber classy, Uber is actually a cab replacement car pick-up service (if you didn’t know what it is already) and its app is a must have when you feel like you need to indulgence in a nice ride.

But Uber’s not only about treating yourselves and stepping it up on a big night. Since you are a city dweller, you should be all too familiar with the uncertainty that comes with booking a cab and the mostly noisy and cramped atmosphere of public transportation; Uber fills this huge void and you don’t really need to own a car to get around.

Working the app’s pretty simple – it’s not rocket science and you won’t lose sleep over trying to figure out how to operate it. 

Working the app

Uniquely Sing-app-ore: Uber app review

All you do is pick the type of Uber car that you want (a choice between Uber Taxi, UberX, Uber Black, and UberSUV) set a pick-up and drop-off location, and key in your payment method (usually scanning or providing your credit card or PayPal details).

It gives you an estimated fare before you request for one, so you know how much the ride will cost and don’t get a mini heart attack when you have to foot the bill. Just as a guide, it will cost you about twice the amount you usually spare taking a cab.

But of course, you’ve got to keep in mind that it’s a high-end, on demand service instead of a taxi service. So, you can probably expect some level of luxury when you travel with Uber.

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