Uniquely Sing-app-ore: My Transport Singapore app review

Your one stop app for everything public transport related
Uniquely Sing-app-ore: My Transport Singapore app review

Regardless of whether you’re a daily public transport commuter or driver in Singapore, you need to be geared with one thing if you intend on making it through the daily travelling experience in Singapore – the My Transport Singapore app.

Yes, we understand that before smartphones and apps came along, you played by ear when it came to travelling, but our conditions aren’t the same as they were some seven or eight years ago.

Now, we deal with more traffic (on the road and the human jams on public transports), more transportation options and services to choose from (have you seen the future MRT blueprint? We need a map to navigate through that) and even new roads we’re unaware of are being built. To manage all that, this app has become a necessity – that’s what we think at least.

For the commuters..

Uniquely Sing-app-ore: My Transport Singapore app review

Let’s start off with what’ll be handy for the public transport commuters. If you’re unfamiliar with a location and need to take a bus, the “search and locate nearby bus stops” and “service number with bus route details” functions will be useful.

If that still doesn’t help and you end up lost, you can use the search option to locate nearby taxi stands and do a quick dial to book one.

The app even lets you customise your favourite services with its MyConcierge option (although we question the need for it), gives you live train service delay information (very handy these days), determines your train journey fare, and estimates your commute time.

As for drivers and bikers, you can view traffic images on all expressways on our little red dot in real-time and choose to receive news notifications on their conditions during peak-hours. If that isn’t enough, it also offers you real-time parking lot availability if you’re near a popular location.