Uniquely Sing-app-ore: HungryGoWhere Singapore app review

It's a food democracy
Uniquely Sing-app-ore: HungryGoWhere Singapore App Review

Calling themselves “the first stop for hungry people” is somewhat of a bold move, but if you’re an app that’s been around for as long as HungryGoWhere has been, it’s just second nature.

The best known food app has been around for a long time, and as such, has built up a community that’s unmatched by any other local food app. Tap on the app and you’re instantly transported to your own personal dashboard for full food access.

“Hungry, go where?”

Uniquely Sing-app-ore: HungryGoWhere Singapore App Review

...is a question you’ll never have to ask yourself again. There are many ways to search for a place to feast at via this app. Hit the search bar and search by criteria like name of resturant or if your craving is vague, the cuisine type. But if it’s a conveniently located meal you want, tap on the location icon in the top righthand corner, choose how far you’re willing to roam for your food up to a distance of 5km and the app will draw up a list of places available to you that can be further sorted by popularity.  

If you’re looking for some place to celebrate a special date at, you’ll find an icon next to the search bar that allows you to enter the number of diners and specific date and time you plan to eat. You can further filter those results according to location, type of place, budget (denoted by the number of dollar signs) and even occasion (ranging from Nice Deco to Pet Friendly) so you get a place that's almost tailormade for you.