Uniquely Sing-app-ore: GrabTaxi app review

Who calls taxi booking hotlines these days? All you need is this app
Sing-App-ore review: GrabTaxi slowly takes over the cabbie sphere

Ever been in a situation where you need to get somewhere within a short time frame and think the only way you can manage that is to call and hop on a cab, but then when you actually do so, it doesn’t turn up and you’re exactly where you were 20 minutes ago?

Yep, we’ve all been there and done that. Local cabbies have either become so short in supply or are just impossible to get ahold of – we’re not exactly sure why considering there are more than three different cab vendors in Singapore.

But then, there’s a (relatively) new player in the taxi sphere – GrabTaxi. It’s not exactly a cabbie vendor, but more a platform that you can use to book taxis from existing taxi companies that are nearby to you.

Now, we know that GrabTaxi’s been spoken about to death, but our sole purpose of this review is to tell you more about apps that are essential to Singaporeans and this time-saving app is one of them.

What we think of it

Sing-App-ore review: GrabTaxi slowly takes over the cabbie sphere

We’ve stood by it since the first day we used it, and have never turned back. Of course, there’s the occasional inability for it to issue you a cab immediately, but it’s way better and quicker than booking it via taxi operators’ normal booking system.

That’s because it’s constantly updated on the whereabouts of its drivers and identifies which driver would suit your booking based on a certain radius and cabbie bidding process. Once you've picked from a number of taxis (you've a choice between a standard, limo, and bigger GrabCars) and the booking is made, it shows you in real-time (on a map within the app) where the driver is so you have a rough ETA of the cab.

That's not it, it's also got a bunch of other features that puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the other taxi apps on the street. You can select your drop off and pickup points from a number of categories including Foursquare, Google, popular locations, or even the spots you frequent so you don't have to keep keying in details every single time. Upon entering your destination, you also get an estimated metred taxi fare before the booking is complete - very handy for tourists.

In the event that there’s some unexpected issue, the driver’s mobile phone number is also available so you can buzz them should there be a need to.    

To top it off, the app works across a few countries in Asia - besides Singapore, it will come in handy if you take a trip to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia or Thailand.