Uniquely Sing-app-ore: AXS Payment app review

Forgot to pay your monthly bills? That excuse won’t work if you have this payment app
Uniquely Sing-app-ore: AXS Payment app review

Stop saying you are too busy to go to the bank or a payment machine to clear those monthly credit card bills. Because you can do it with your smartphone or tablet.

All you have to do is to download the AXS Payment app, and it's an absolute lifesaver. Goodbye, frantic dash to an AXS machine. Hello, zero late payments.

Similar to its physical counterpart, the AXS app covers nearly everything that sucks your wallet dry. Besides the usual credit card bill, you can also pay your phone bill, or top up the value in your prepaid card. How about membership fees for those fancy country clubs you belong to? Pay them through the app, and clear your monthly insurance premium too.

Heck, you can even pay for parking fines when you were too lazy to tear a few pieces of paper off a parking coupon. Guilty as charged, by the way.