Thinking out of D-box in Singapore

We sat through Transformers: Age of Extinction TWICE to (literally) feel the impact Golden Village's D-BOX can have on your movie experience
Thinking out of D-box

Golden Village has recently introduced a new cinematic experience that attempts to physically immerse you in the film you're watching. What better way to find out if it succeeds than to put ourselves through almost six hours of plotless Bay-hem?

For the sake of this story, we first watched Transformers 4: Age of Extinction in a regular cinema, before attempting it with D-box a few days later. The rationale was that if we managed to endure the movie a second time, it must be quite impressive indeed.



Once the movie got going with the action, the appeal of D-box soon became apparent. The system's motion was quite intuitive, rocking the right side of your seat as the corresponding area of the screen erupted in mindless explosions, swerving from side to side during a car chase, and following the camera's perspective. During aerial shots, you could almost feel like you're right there flying the drone. 

The action overkill in Transformers 4 also meant the chair was constantly shaking and vibrating, almost like we were in a massage chair, which is an added benefit for a 3-hour long movie. However, at some parts the motion did seem slightly random. Feeling the jerks as you watch a car screech to a stop makes sense, but swinging from side to side as a baby dinosaur gnaws at a fish doesn't.