Think the STB ad is bad? These videos will make Singaporeans gouge their eyes out too

Because we think wasting three minutes of your life watching the pee-on-a-stick ad by the Singapore Tourism Board ain’t enough
Think the STB ad is bad? These videos will make Singaporeans gouge their eyes ou

We have no words, absolutely no words, for the Singapore Tourism Board ad that's been circulating.

And believe us, this isn’t the first horrible video that has made us cringe. If you’re feeling masochistic enough to watch a few more, take a gander at these videos that’ll make you want to gouge your eyes out and stab your ears.

By the way, we're so sorry for inflicting such mental anguish upon you on a lovely Tuesday.

Pee-on-a-stick by Singapore Tourism Board

Actually, scratch our earlier comment, we have four words for STB: what were they thinking? Never mind the awfully scripted and unnatural acting. We gave you the spoiler, but we bet you’ll still laugh hysterically once the guy opens the box and reveals the pregnancy test kit, complete with his beloved’s bodily fluids.

Quick shoutout to a friend for noticing how he changed his outfit after he received the pee-on-a-stick. Dude, how long was it in the box before you opened it?

Rap by Media Development Authority senior management

MDA senior management: "People just don’t get us, MDA’s doing so much good for the media industry."

Corp comms minion: "Boss, it’s all about the cool factor. We need to show that we’re the in thing."

MDA senior management: "Okay, do it. We’re in the media industry, surely we can come up with a hip message."

Corp comms minion: "Easy, boss. We’ll do a video with all of you rapping. You’ll be bigger than Rebecca Black and her Friday song."*

*According to YouTube, Rebecca Black is still way more ‘popular’ than MDA.

NDP Theme Song 2013 - One Singapore

Admittedly, the song started out pretty catchy. Not great like Kit Chan or Tanya Chua, but the lyrics are kind of meaningful.

Until you reach 1:16, then all hell breaks loose when everyone goes wooh ho-oh. Is it stuck in your head? Good, misery loves company.

Okay, just because you’ve managed to survive three videos, here’s a reward - a much better version of this song.

Youth Olympic Games theme songYouth Olympic Games theme song

Wait a minute, there’s clearly a pattern here. Wooh ho-oh and oh yeah? Definitely not a coincidence. JJ Lin, don’t get us wrong, we love your songs. Really, we do, and we believe you must have been coerced into going oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah followed by that silly hadouken motion.

Bodypainted guys teaching SingTel mRemit

We kind of gave this away with the headline, but if you’re still clueless, look closely. Look real close at the guy’s neck and chest. If you stare hard enough, you’ll see a hint of raisins. Also, this is why your English teacher told you to mind your P and S.