These are the winners of Stuff Singapore's Readers' Choice Awards

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Welcome to the digital democracy - the Stuff Readers' Choice Awards.

After a month's worth of voting, the people have spoken. Over 28,000 votes have been cast to decide on the winners of the 14 different categories, ranging from Smartphone of the Year to Innovation of the Year. These are the most deserving tech, as decided by you.

New App of the Year - Pokémon Go

The masses have spoken and it looks like no one can forget the unbelievable, colossal effect this app had on mankind last year. It changed the way we interacted with our mobile devices, it was incredibly addictive and it got all our lazy butts off the couch and out into the wild. No other phenomenon (let alone mere app) in recent memory can lay claim to quite the same effect. 

Flagship Smartphone of the Year - Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Hate on Apple all you want, there’s no denying that the iPhone launch is probably the biggest tech event of the year. With a dual camera setup, a bokeh-filled Portrait mode, and swanky new coal-black coats, the iPhone 7 Plus claims its rightful place at the top of the smartphone charts and in our readers’ hearts. There’s only one question left - how will the next iPhone top this? 

Affordable Smartphone of the Year - Xiaomi Mi Max

It's not rocket science to make a large-screened smartphone, but the ability to achieve a balance between size, weight and ergonomics is what makes the Mi Max stand out. With its 6.44in full-HD Gorilla Glass 3 display, large 4850mAh battery and snappy performance thanks to the hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 SoC and 3GB of RAM — we’re not surprised that many of you passed on a flagship phone in favour of this winner.

Fitness Tracker of the Year - Fitbit Charge 2

While countless brands have hit the wearable market in the past year, you really can’t think of fitness trackers without thinking of Fitbit — as proven by the results. The Charge 2 automatically tracks all your activities, delivers idle alerts and guided breathing sessions, and sports interchangeable bands in a variety of pop colours. It’s everything you need in a tracker packed into a sleek, stylish, comfortable package.


Smartwatch of the Year - Apple Watch Series 2

Think smartwatch and the Apple Watch would immediately spring to mind. Unlike many of its smartwatch peers, the Apple Watch Series 2 has managed to balance fashion and functionality quite splendidly. Thanks to the Series 2’s added GPS and waterproof abilities, it’s no wonder it’s the modern day ticker that everyone wants on their wrists. 

TV of the Year - Samsung UA55KS7000

If you’re going to spend on one TV this year, make this it. The Samsung UA55KS7000 is a wise purchase given its pretty 4K colour-popping picture, Quantum Dot tech and Tizen smarts for its affordable price point. Better contrast makes for greater detail so you get amazing clarity and lifelike images from the bright to the dark. That’s one lean, mean winning screen. 

Speaker of the Year - B&O BeoSound 1

We guess that you can say that B&O’s credibility is sound with this win (sorry). The BeoSound 1 is a solid, beautifully built block of aural power to fuel your home dance parties and put that sophisticated futuristic touch in your interior decor. The portable wireless speaker produces uniform 360 sound to reach into every corner of your home, making it the missing puzzle piece in your sci-fi home's life. 

Headphones of the Year - Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

Crisp, clear and balanced sound quality? Check. Seamless Bluetooth connectivity and superior noise-cancelling? Check. Battery life that laughs in the face of long-haul flights? Make that a triple check. And all this before we even get to the part about how comfortable these soft, padded cans are. We once mentioned that these could be the best new travel headphones in the market — looks like you guys agree. 

Laptop of the Year - Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Contrary to popular belief, innovation in the laptop space is not dead and Apple has shown the world that there’s still room to grow. The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar shines when it comes to complicated creative programmes, utilizing the Touch Bar to put the most useful shortcuts at your fingertips. Great design packs power into an ultra compact package, wrapping up yet another win for the Cupertino company. 

Camera of the Year - Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon took its time releasing the latest in its full-frame line-up and boy, is the photography world ever better for it. This photography beast builds on the heritage of its predecessors and adds essential tweaks like a touchscreen to further finetune the experience. Needless to say, the images and videos that come out of this are insane should you know how to wield its power. 

Innovation of the Year - Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic probably could have won this award based on looks alone, but the real magic happens under the hood. Thanks to the powerful Dyson digital motor V9 that revolves 110,000 times a minute, and is housed within a noise reducing rubber mount inside the handle, this bladeless wonder completely dries your hair in half the time, with half the noise. 

Game Changer of the Year - Sony Playstation VR

No new tech is ever going to take off until it reaches the masses. And the Sony PlayStation VR is doing a ton of good for VR gaming, because its quality experience doesn’t require an expensive rig to go along with it. Just hook it up to your PlayStation 4 with a PlayStation Camera and you’re all set to explore a new gaming dimension. This is what we call a real game changer.

Tech Brand of the Year - Netflix

Right when the TV industry was losing footing in a world of Internet consumers, Netflix arrived to conquer our fickle hearts. With its stellar catalogue of original series, cross-platform interface designed for easy viewing, and propensity for constant evolution to exceed the expectations of its subscribers — the streaming giant has managed to make watching TV cool again.


Car of the Year - Audi A4

Like your drives to be less stressful and more enjoyable? The forward-looking Audi A4 takes over the wheel when the driving gets tough. Take for example its Traffic Jam Assist feature which can take over in times of traffic congestion, so that you can take a break from inching ever so slowly forwards. What more could you want for in a car in a jam? Maybe only the ability to fly.

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