Tech toys from CES ASIA 2017 you never knew you needed

But really want to have now

CES Asia 2017 has been a hotbed for innovation, bold ideas and really cool gadgets.

We’ve seen things that have made us laugh, applaud and sometimes seriously contemplate pulling off a grab and run. Here’s our roundup of the coolest tech toys from the show we really wish we could bring home with us.

Cooee VR Demo

VR demos were plenty at CES Asia 2017, with every other stall exhibiting headsets that looked suspiciously similar to each other. However, when you finally come across one that straps you into a metal ship operating on hydraulics, that’s when things get exciting. This exhibit by game developer Cooee had us racing down the highway and feeling every bump in the road.

Newgame Mobile Controller

Breaking a new high score or smashing your enemies in mobile games can be tricky given the controls. That’s where this nifty controller comes into play. It’s crafted hilariously similar to an Xbox controller, with a retractable platform that you clip your smartphone into.

Once connected, you can play almost any game from MOBAs to tower defence, with tactical controls, a joystick and even R-buttons. This ought to make reaching Glorious Legend rank on Mobile Legends much easier.