Tech douchebag alert: 10 gadgets you shouldn't be caught dead with in public

Stay on the right side of the fine line between tech-savvy and tech-showoff

Sometimes having the latest tech makes you look cool and in with the times. Other times, flaunting your new gear will make you look like a real jerk.

The new brand of tech douchebag (or Silicon Valley douchebag) is taking to the streets, taking photographs with their smart glasses and rolling around on hoverboards. Their unique brand of obnoxiousness is a mixture of financial carelessness, bad taste, and painful flashiness.

But if you're into that, here are ten gadgets that are bound to help you along the day. Match with a cutting stare to backward plebians and an obnoxiously loud voice, and you’re all set to annoy everyone you encounter on the path you're hoverboarding.