Take a little trip around Singapore's Marina Bay on a Segway

If you’re not up for a tour of Marina Bay on foot, why not try the Segway?
You could take a little trip around Marina Bay, in a Singapore city Segway

From my experience with iFly, you would have probably figured out that I am nothing close to being a thrill seeker.

Yes, you might roll your eyes and say “what’s so thrilling about getting on a Segway”, but for someone who doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle (I can't believe I’m putting this out in public) and got a nasty scar from attempting to learn how to rollerblade, the idea of Segwaying around town with a newly launched Gogreen tour was a big deal to me.

So you can imagine the thoughts that were running through my mind before my tour even started. It was along the lines of this: “I’m going to fall off the two-wheeler and crack open my skull” and “I’m probably going to end up losing some teeth on this machine”.