Stuff to Watch: the April edition

Starved for entertainment? These are the new movies worth your time and money

So many movies, so little time. We feel your anguish, hence we’ve picked out only the best films for you to spend your precious post-work time on. Enjoy.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Everyone needs a vacation, but no one probably needs it as much as Paul Blart (Kevin James) does. After six long years on the job, the loveable security officer is taking off to live la vida Vegas, for a while that is. But everyone knows a mall cop is never really off the clock, especially when he’s in Sin City where the questionable is bound to happen.

In cinemas 16 April

Danny Collins

We apologise in advance if you think this movie is about the English footballer. It is not. What it is is better than footie. Al Pacino plays has-been rocker who refuses to acknowledge the fact. It’s only when he finds a 40-year-old undelivered letter to him by John Lennon (man, that’s real snail mail), that he decides maybe, just maybe, a change of everything he's always known is in order.

In cinemas 23 April

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Ever wondered what it’s like when your tech creation goes rogue? This is your Marvel superheroes meet evil artificial intelligence answer, except maybe you’re not quite Iron Man with his ragtag team of superheroes to stop Ultron, tech creation in question, from destroying all of humankind with its own tech creation. So meta. Code at your own risk.

In cinemas 23 April